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glaze ingredients & glaze basics for beginners

updated thu 19 apr 07


Chic Lotz + keith Montgomery on wed 18 apr 07

Hi Dawn,

So you bought a used kiln, some ingredients, but have never mixed
your own glazes, and want to know where to begin?

If you would like to learn Glaze Basics for Beginners, I have just
the information that you are looking for. My whole program is
designed specifically for beginners......for those who have never
mixed a glaze and don't know anything about chemistry. After learning
these glaze basics, you will be able to easily understand and move
onto glaze calculation. I've even written some glaze chemistry poems
to make it easy to remember it all! The first one was in Claytimes
Jan 07 issue, pg.52. Check out my website:

Chic Lotz