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bison tools/thanks, hank

updated thu 19 apr 07


joyce on wed 18 apr 07

After I sent the message declaring that Phil's tools were "titanium steel"
I knew I was way off, but still couldn't remember just what they contained
that made them so brittle and yet so long-lasting. Tungsten carbide tipped!
Yes. It would help, of course, if the words had some memory for me that
I could reference when trying to dredge them from the depths of recall.
Maybe in a jingle perhaps??

I own nine Bisons...... each bought and paid for by me or #1 Support Person.
Oops, yes, Phil brought me a Rusty Nail at two different NCECAs. Ok, so
I have a slight interest in his financial success ...... too bad I
can't take credit
for his great sales in his busy vendor's booth... but it all involves Phil's
particular genius.

Again, thanks Hank. You are a tactful, interesting claybud with intriguing
marketing skills...... I continue to chuckle whenever I look at your shino
bird plate (which is several times daily) remembering how it came to my
attention............ I know my plate was part of a series but couldn't find
the series on your fantastic website today...... I wanted to at least label
that gorgeous pot correctly, but no....... didn't happen.... the
visit was well worth
the trip.

In the Mojave desert of California USA where it's cold again.. a great day for
visiting websites.... I save the last few of Helen's posts for just such an
occasion....... delightful.......