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fw: pc monitoring/logging of electric kilns

updated tue 17 apr 07


liz gowen on mon 16 apr 07

Think this was lost in the shuffle.

I love my Orton controller and had a very positive experience with them. =
must be persistent and keep calling till you get the guy in charge of =
It is really easy to hook up. It was set up for an older L&L which they =
to know the type of kiln. I have a cable that runs from my controller =
box to
my computer in my living room so I can watch the temp rise, the amount =
power being sent to each ring I have three type S thermocouples. It =
was an extremely easy set up, plug in and go. I found out what I needed =
Orton then ordered through my local clay place to give them the business
since the price was the same, and my clay supplier has a way of making
things happen. The manual is pretty helpful, and only had to make a 10
degree shift to get my end firing temp were I wanted. I followed the =
schedule in Mastering ^6 glazes... Sweet..
If you need any further info please contact me. I had researched the
Bartlett, L&L and this was the simplest for what I wanted to do. I fire =
6 and slow cool.

Liz Gowen

I'm currently shopping for a new electric kiln with about a 10 cubic =
volume. One of the issues I'm considering is the possibility of setting =
up a
connection to a PC so I can monitor and log the firing activity and =
firings over time. Looking through the archives, I found mention of =
"control master" and Bartlett's KISS software, but I haven't been able =
find any details about these programs or about the interface kits that
connect the kiln controllers to the PCs.