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mel, building an oregon flat top after dual fuel conversion failure

updated mon 16 apr 07


Robin Wolf on sun 15 apr 07

Mel and all,

After thinking all things through and looking at $$, time, and my personal
expectations and dreams,

I am going to build an Oregon Flat Top kiln. I have Nils book, talked to
Marc at Ward burners, and

have been shopping for IFB and shelves. I would appreciate any and all
recommendations and advice anyone has.

Looking at new shelves for this kiln, I would LOVE to have Nitride bonded
silicon shelves.

When looking at the diagrams in Nils book, he has 3 - 8x16 shelves shown. I
have yet to find any

8x16 shelves. Is it possible to cut the Nitride bonded Silicon 16x16 in

The best priced shelf size is the 13x26 shelves.

What would be the best kiln dimension to make use of the 13x26 shelves? I
would want to use

2 shelves to make a 26x26 stacking area. I think the depth as shown in
Nils book is fine (30").

I'll keep you posted on this project, it promises to be enlightening at

Robin Wolf

Rt 2 Box 142W

Kingfisher, OK 73750