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^6 red. firing schedule with gas

updated tue 17 apr 07


Eric Suchman on sun 15 apr 07

Does anyone have a favorite firing schedule with gas to cone 6? I
have a mixed batch of Ron Roy's glazes and Pancioli's shino, (and a
few other experiments).
Thanks in advance,
Eric in Oceanside

Marcia Selsor on mon 16 apr 07

It really depends on a lot of things. What type of kiln are you firing.
For my old 60 cu. ft. car kiln with 2 huge burners
I started about 7 am with one burner on low. Turned the second burner
on about 9.
Damper 3/5 shut.
Started body reduction at ^09 sometimes around noon-1 or 2 depending
on weather, wind, how it was loaded, etc.
After 40 minutes, put into nuetral flame. Usually about 4 to 5 when
^5 was starting on top it was usually down on the bottom, start
reducing again for glaze.
damper about 4/5 shut for 45 minutes. Usually finished by 6-7 pm.
^6 usually even. A smaller sprung arch kiln fired on a similar
schedule depending on weather, wind, load, etc.

Marcia Selsor