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surfing with helen bates - april 14, 2007 - usa, turkey, wales, canada

updated sun 15 apr 07


Helen Bates on sat 14 apr 07

Greetings all,

I'll move right on to "Surfing with Helen Bates - April 14, 2007 - USA,
Turkey, Wales, Canada":

Alleghany Meadows and Sam Harvey (Harvey Meadows Gallery) (Aspen CO, USA)
(Most of the artists listed below have a page on the website, or a link
to their own website.) (Christa Assad, Robert Brady, Andrew Brayman,
Doug Casebeer, Michael Connelly, Michael Corney, Anne Currier, Val
Cushing, Charity Davis-Woodard, Josh DeWeese, Gerry Eskin, Ken Ferguson,
Erin Furimsky, John Gill, Andrea Gill, Steve Godfrey, Jason Green, Chris
Gustin, Ursula Hargens, Sam Harvey, Wayne Higby, Ayumi Horie, Tsehai
Johnson, Randy Johnston, Gail Kendall, Maren Kloppman, Eva Kwong, the Le
Van family, Simon Levin, Tyler Lotz, Andrew Martin, Kirk Mangus, Walter
McConnell, Jan McKeachie-Johnston, Paul McMullan, Alleghany Meadows, Ron
Meyers, Brad Miller, Lynn Munns, Lisa Orr, Aysha Peltz, Kari Radasch,
Sara Ransford, Elizabeth Robinson, Steven Rolf, Andrew Shaw, Richard
Shaw, Jesse Small, Paul Soldner, Linda Swanson, Peter Vandenberge, Peter
Voulkos, Christina West, Michael Wisner, Betty Woodman, Robert Brinker,
John Buck, Enrique Chagoya, Pamela Joseph, Brad Miller, Andrew
Roberts-Gray, Akio Takamori, Mark Villareal, Sam Maloof, Barry Newstat)

Reid Schoonover (Working Man Studio) (Clintonville, WI, USA)
(Thrown and handbuilt pottery often with wood additions such as lids,
knobs and bases) (Work may be gas-fired or wood-fired.)

Mark Issenberg (Rising Fawn, GA, USA)
(Recently I sent this link, and I wrote: "Hmmm, are there any handles
pulled from the pot here???" The short answer is "Yes" but you have to
look around the site to find it.) (About his decorative handles, he
explains: "One way to do this is to roll out a 3 x 4-inch slab of clay.
Roll a drill bit over the clay to create texture. Then roll the clay
around a pencil or small dowel rod with the texture on the outside.
Slide the clay off the pencil and attach the handle to the vase by
scoring and using slip. You also can add more texture around the
shoulder of the vase, using stamps and/or a sewing tracing wheel.")
(Beautiful website; beautiful functional ware.)

The Blue Mosque (Tiled Ceiling) (Istanbul, Turkey)
(A nice picture of the tiled interior of this famous mosque) From:

Nikolaus Voelz (Warm pottery) (Anoka, MN, USA)
(Quietly-decorated thrown, pinched and slab pottery)
(Extensive list of links to other potters from most of the US states,
Canada, Japan, the UK and elsewhere)

Llwyngwril Gallery (Wales)
(Onliine Gallery includes pottery and ceramic figurines) (Searchable)
(For general listings, see "Art" then "Figurines & Ceramics")

Ying-Yueh Chuang (Toronto, ON, Canada)
(Graduate of NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS,

Judith Graham (Toronto, ON, Canada),%20Judith_Urn_Found%20Object%20and%20Clay.jpg
(vessel-based sculptural works; Low-fired textural glazes; colours very
low-key as well)

Have a good time.