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digital camera/pricing

updated fri 13 apr 07


mel jacobson on thu 12 apr 07

i just love my canon power shot/sd450.

i might be as bold as to say....`it is the best camera i have ever owned`.

i have three batteries and two flash cards.
i can take about 200 pix on one battery charge.

it has a huge screen in the back to view pix.

easy to use.

i have a nikon D 70 ,and of course it is wonderful...
but big, heavy and a load to carry around.
it is perfect for professional quality repro work.
glad i paid the money for it.

but, man....that little canon is just the `cat's butt`.

and for quick web work...totally terrific.

i can take pix in my studio of new work with a butcher
paper background. dash in the to picassa
and send to my web/folder.
upload in five minutes.

i have had about a hundred emails about the `giant oil spot`/
black pot on my website...many offers to buy it.

it is gone....about five minutes after i put it out at necea.
guess i will have to do some more.
and, i price everything in `round numbers`.
who cares...i make up the prices, so i can do whatever
i want.
just like warren mackenzie...i make up what i need for every pot.
why make change?

this morning...a gal walked in...4/25
adds up to a hundred dollar bill. in my pocket.
that is my business plan. money in pocket.

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