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updated tue 3 apr 07


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 2 apr 07

Hi Bruce

I wonder if Poly-Ethylene-Glycol would work?

While not likely to act as an intermecdiate fluid, it might displace and
assume the place of (the) Water, while allowing the material to remain
together as 'if' Water were still present.

l v

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From: "Lynne and Bruce Girrell"

> There is a technique, however, called "critical point
> drying" that allows for the drying of a substance without the shape
> changes
> normally encountered during drying. Normal critical point drying involves
> the exchange of water within the sample with an intermediate fluid such as
> acetone. Because of the horridly low permeability of clay and the
> possibility of disturbing the sample during flushing of the water, I don't
> think that this would work well for clay samples.

> Bruce Girrell