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stir it up with handles

updated mon 2 apr 07


Chic Lotz + keith Montgomery on sun 1 apr 07

Hey Mark,

Wow!......You sure stirred it up with humor! Here is one of my
handle stories.

I was nooooo good at pulling handles...............they would always
rip when I tried pulling them on the mug. Then I'd have to scarpe it
off and start over .......So for years I made them separately from
the mug and attached them later.But I never really liked
them........they didn't quite curve right to fit my hand and they
LOOKED like an attachment!
And I had "handle envy" everytime I saw a great mug!

So I was determined to learn to do it the so called "right" way. I
spent a couple a months where evertime I went to the
studio............I had to make 3 mugs first. Then later.....handle
them.........pulling them on the mug. But since I had pulled them
not on the mug for came much easier this
I got better..........and now its a snap.

But I do think pulling them not on the mug was good
practice.........but I know they didn't look or feel as good as the
ones I pulled on the mug.

So now, when I teach students to make handles, I tell them they won't
even begin to like any of their handles until they've done at least
25 of them. One of my students was sure to correct me
later..........she said its actually 50! And that's just to begin to
like them! I do encourage the "handle challenged" students to make
them separately at first. Once they can pull a decent handle
separately, I encourage them to then learn to pull it on the mug.
Works like a champ!

Chic Lotz