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seeking ^10 glazes that break nicely

updated mon 2 apr 07


Belinda Willis on sun 1 apr 07

I recently moved from Berkeley back to Austin. I ain=92t never leaving Texa=

I don=92t have space for a personal studio at this time and have found a
great studio to work out of. Unfortunately for me, this studio fires ^10
reduction so all my years of research into ^6 ox glazes serve me not. The
studio has an established set of glazes but sadly only two of them break
nicely on my highly textured, stamped and incised pottery and they both are
in the brown family. I=92m not allowed to use the studio chemicals for
personal glaze tests and my own chemicals are buried in a storage unit.

Can anyone share a tried-and-true ^10 reduction glaze that breaks with good

I=92ve searched the archives and googled for breaking glazes but, like I
said, opportunities to glaze test are limited. I can buy small quantities
of the chemicals to test a glaze or two if I know the glazes are a good
possibility for my purposes. I=92m especially looking for a green glaze or
blue glaze that break with high contrast but I=92ll eagerly try any color
that=92s not related to brown.

I=92ve come to truly love cone 6 glazes and the effects one can get from
them. Who would have thought that moving to ^10 reduction would be a let

Thank you in advance for sharing,

Belinda Willis
Austin, TX