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handles and amazon

updated sun 1 apr 07


mel jacobson on sat 31 mar 07

there is an very clear exception to any rule.
but, in my mind, it takes a damn fine design
to break the rim rule.

i have found very few mugs that have handles that
grow from the rim that i care for.

i have a couple, but they are by very good potters that
knew what they were doing.
it happens you know.
no rule is perfect. but, when i teach, i demand rims be free
to live by themselves.

it is a good rule for young potters to consider.
i never put handles on the rim. i will put pix of a couple of mugs
on my clayart page. later this evening.
making dinner now.

i ordered a half dozen books...old ones by one of my favorite
authors: ernest gann....`fate is the hunter`.`....
and others..50 cents each from amazon/old/used.
and, it turned out that i paid $4.95 each to ship them.
so. no real bargain.
they would not send them in one package.

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