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fw: thoughts on handles

updated sat 31 mar 07


WJ Seidl on fri 30 mar 07

That's sure to be a winner.
Sounds like a GREAT topic...
"Attachments: Handles, Pots, and How to Stick it to them."
(No, that was NOT a joke).
I'm going to pass that along to the Potters Council Conference Committee.
Would you care to host it?

Wayne Seidl
VP, Potters Council for 2007

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From: Clayart [mailto:CLAYART@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG] On Behalf Of Don Goodrich
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 2:35 AM
Subject: Re: thoughts on handles

I dunno, the New Orleans Clayart Room may be too small a venue
for the thorough thrashing that the handle topic needs. This
might just call for a Potters Council Regional Conference.
For a couple hundred bucks apiece we could wrestle with handle
design considerations among experts for three days.

Any takers?

Don Goodrich

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