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updated fri 30 mar 07


Chris Trabka on thu 29 mar 07

I'm sure we have all felt the preasure of the "next" show. Counting down
the days, figuring out which pots to make, how they will be glazed.

This year my current employer (yes I can only work with clay on nights and
weekends) decided that I should take some all expense paid vacations -
verify that the equipment that has been installed does indeed work. Similar
to some of the theories of clay & glazes. Now here are all the technical
papers and how the equipment is supposed to work. Now just prove that it
works. Well, three weeks in Wisconsin, two weeks in Florida, four weeks in
Kansas and the deadline for the show is not changing, but it is getting a
lot closer. Today, I find out that my time away from the studio has been
reduced to 7 evenings and 2 days to make/trim all the pots for the show and
then I have the luxury of 7 evenings to glaze them. After full days in the

Yes I could cancel, but that would not be fair. The show is in a gallery
that has carried my work for 10 years. Each spring the gallery has a show
for me. I get to choose the theme for the show and then produce the
pottery. I have had some wonderful and well attended shows. This year I
hope it is my best show ever. But not for me. The economy in Michigan has
not been the best over the past several years. If I do have an exceptional
show, it will help the gallery.

I hope many of you are lucky enough to find a gallery who supports artists
and helps them grow and mature.