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updated fri 30 mar 07


Kathy McDonald on thu 29 mar 07

Dear Clayarters,

I personally have never met Mark, and I'm sure he is indeed
a great guy.

If he was "chain yanking" as someone put it
mine got yanked, I felt the links tighten around my throat.

Whoever commented about the fact that readers cannot see the
"eye twinkle" , is probably right on the money. His intent
was likely not to come across sounding like a rigid

My concern is for those who, like myself 25 years ago ,
thought that if someone with Mark's stature in the ceramics
said something was "true", ..the gospel according to
Saint Mark.
(sorry that was smart *** but I hope that people can see the
in my eye.)

We cannot be responsible for how others interpret what we
and I've certainly suffered from "hoof in mouth" disease !!

I give Mark credit for saying what he thinks! We've had
discussions here before, even to the extent of filling out
polls on who likes thumb stops or not. I even admit I
totally agree
with him.

I just think that there is no "one" right way to skin a
(as dad used to say).

The exception to this rule lies more in the safety issues we
as ceramists
face every day. I think there is some license for dogma in
that realm.

So Mark..........where are those handles....I want to see
them (tongue
placed firmly in cheek),


On Thu, 29 Mar 2007 08:11:05 -0500, mel jacobson

>slow down folks.
>mark is one of the nicest, humble potters on this list.
>he was pulling legs here a bit....
>he knows there are many ways to do things.
>and, he has a great idea to do a handle workshop
>at the clayart room, new orleans.
>we will have demos on many techniques.
>even mine.
>of course, it is really a good method. perfection.

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