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wood and soda kilns

updated sat 31 may 97


The Slack-DeBrock Family on fri 9 may 97

Greetings to everyone..I have enjoyed the variety and delightful
discussion. 2 messages:

1...I currently fire a 30 cu,ft.Olsen fastfire kiln, and it is wonderfully
efficient and fun to fire. It has provided a nice way to pull our potters
community together here, where we are all geographically somewhat isolated.
But I'd like to build a saparate soda kiln, and want to fire it with wood
lso, and haven't found many designs...around 20-30 cu.ft probably would be
a good size. Any help with resources or someone actually building and
firing would be appreciated!

2..An update on 2 workshops : I'll be offering 2 separate workshops for
people interested in seeing how a fastfire kiln is built and doing a firing
with it. We'll cover glazes, stacking, and variety of effects. $120 for 3
days, meals included, free camping available, bring pots to fire. Workshops
this summer are June 6,7,8 and September 5,6,7. Telephone 715-277-2773 for
more info. Directly e-mail at