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wonderful wooster workshop

updated wed 30 apr 97


Sharon Miranda on mon 14 apr 97

What a terrific workshop this was! From the contrast between Richard
Aerni's gorgeous, elegant, large sculptural vessels, so beautifully thrown
before our eyes to Linda Arbuckle's fluid, soft shapes with soft,
suggestive (painterly?) designs, I was completely absorbed, took pages and
pages of notes, learned so many neat tricks, and came away very satisfied,
and stimulated.
There was a seriousness about the intent and process of this workshop that
particularly appealed to me, that came directly from the human goodness
from both these people. Linda is a wonderful teacher, with vast knowledge
and enthusiasm and talent for gently showing us how to see, how to feel.
Her slide presentations were so balanced and informative, well timed and
carefully selected.
Richard's pots are simply breathtaking - lovely ash glazes that integrate
perfectly with the shapes, which have such a masterful feel about them.
I guess what this is about is to say thank you. I knew it was going to be
good from having met both thru clayart and it more than met my
I came away really filled to the brim.

Thanks guys!


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