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wholesale shows break

updated fri 24 oct 97


Don Jones on sat 18 oct 97

Dear Group,
I'm thinking of not going to the Philadelphia Buyers Market or the
Baltimore ACC and just staying home and developing new work. Has anyone
done this? How has it effected your business? Did your new work find
acceptance when you returned? Have you returned?


Don Jones
:-) implied in all messages and replies

Harvey Sadow on tue 21 oct 97

Funny you should ask that question Don,

I was thinking of going back to do Baltimore after a 16 year hiatus. I
did ACC wholesale/retail shows from 1979-84 (2 Baltimores, 4 Rhinebecks
and one Springfield). During that time I made all the contacts that I
needed, and then just stayed home and explored new ideas and techniques
ever after, scheduled exhibitions and sent out work. I am still eatin'.
For me, there are two best parts to doing those shows after one has made
the initial set of contacts:

1) The other craftspeople there are a very special group of people. I
made some wonderful friends and acquired some real treasures during
those few craft fair years.

2) I actually met some of the people who buy my work, and got some good
feedback and criticism. Some of those people have become core
collectors and real patrons over the years. One of the reasons that I
have been thinking about doing a show or two is the genuine lack of
personal exposure that I have to the public these days.

I might just do it and remember why I quit in the first place. I hate
selling and am just not comfortable even discussing money. One of the
reasons that I have been so loyal to my dealers over the years and have
made so few changes in representation is that I really appreciate the
fact that they take care of that and I just do what I do and send it to

So, Don, if you need a break, take one. If it lasts 15 years or just
one, a year off from the shows should be no big deal for you at this
point. Make a few phone calls, send out a few slides and stay home and
see what comes out of the studio. Reassess next year. You might find
out how much you miss some of the things that drive you crazy right now,
or how much you really don't want to do shows and make big changes. No
guts, no glory..... Good luck.

Harvey Sadow