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what to ask wholesale references?

updated sun 31 aug 97


LeRoy Price on fri 29 aug 97

We recently did the S.F. ACC show. Didn't sell too much, but what an

We got references from the wholesale buyers, but now what to ask those

I suppose one wants to know if they have ever heard of the store that
referred them, and if they pay promptly, but what else?

Are there certain standard questions that ones asks? Are there
certain questions that one is not supposed (or not permitted) to
ask them?


LeRoy Price

Carol Jackaway on sat 30 aug 97

Hi LeRoy,
I was thinking of applying for the SF ACC show. Could you give me some
further thoughts on the show. What did you think of the wholesale buyers?
What were the retail buyers buying? Any info would be helpful. I was also
thinking of doing the George Little Handmade in CA, have you done this one
Carol Jackaway