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wet bisque firing

updated fri 24 oct 97


Marion Barnes-Schwartz. on fri 10 oct 97

This past summer I taught a pottery class to kids. The composition of the
class changed from one session to the next so in the next-to-the-last session
there appeared 3 or 4 new students. I took a chance and about 2 hours after
the pots were made I put their wet, hand built pieces in the kiln and started
firing on low with the kiln lid open. I kept it at low for maybe 10 hours or
so then started increasing the heat slowly (with lid still open) until ready
to turn to high, when I closed the lid. The next day I was able to present
them with fired pieces. There was absolutely no breakage and no cracks. I
was amazed. The clay used was a white clay fired to cone 05.