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westward ho & ^06 glaze request

updated mon 30 jun 97


Ann Elena on wed 4 jun 97

Hi Everyone,

My partner and I will be traveling out West ( at least Montana) from Florida
leaving mid July. We try to be back by November 1st. We'll be probably
going by way of Georgia, Tenn, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, S. Dakota etc and
return on a southern route. The point is that if anyone knows of any can't
miss clay people or places or events somewhere near our trail, we'd love to
here from you. ( We have been known to make our routes by way of
events.....looking forward to the Testicle Festival) You can email me
directly. It would really make our trip. In the past we have met so many
interesting potters along our way and the exchange of info has benefitted
both parties. We spent part of May in North Carolina and checked out Penland
and Seagrove. It was great. We also take along our motorcycles, so if
anyone knows some cool back road rides (paved, please) that'd be great.

I am also in search of some cone 06 glazes that have a textural, antique,
stony look to them. I got some from the list that Susan Maguire posted, and
appreciate it. Anyone got any more? I queried the database and came up with
mostly raku stuff, which I don't do (yet).


Ann Elena

Can't wait to leave Florida, I'm about to melt.