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wedging on wheel head

updated wed 31 jul 96


John Baymore on fri 26 jul 96

From: David Asman
Subject: Clay Stains?? on wheel head

Hey fellow mud lovers,

............ , I didn't get back to the wheel until the next
night. I had left a lump of clay that I had been wedging on the wheel
head and when I removed it the wheel looked stained and black in some
areas. .....


Just a suggestion, but you might not want to "wedge" on your wheel head! Too
much pressure on the edge could bend it off center slightly. A small lump of
clay is not a problem, but if you get it too big......................

Also, the discoloration is caused by the sulphur compounds in the raw clay
reacting with the aluminum of the wheel head. No big deal really. (But that
tells you your clay body has plenty of sulphur to burn off in the bisque. Fire
slow and with as much excess O2 as you can) Technically it is in fact "wheel
head" that is disappearing (into the black stuff), but if you clean it with a
cleanser, that is taking it off too. I really wouldn't worry about it too
much....... my Brent CXC is going on 22 years and the wheel head is fine.

Good luck with the new wheel.


John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
Wilton, NH