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wanted good clear ^5 glaze

updated tue 31 dec 96


John Baisch on mon 2 dec 96

Hello All,

I Just tried a pre-mixed Clear glaze last night and
was disappointed with my results... I ended
up with a transparent somewhat "Yellowed"

Does anyone have a good crystal clear cone 5 glaze
recipe they could share?

any help would be greatly appreciated....


Jan Lipuma on tue 3 dec 96

Hi, John Baisch

>Does anyone have a good crystal clear cone 5 glaze
>recipe they could share?

I like Patti's Crystal Clear ^5-7 from Clayart a few years ago.

Gerstley Borate 10.5
Whiting 4.0
Neph Sny 15.0
Kaolin 5.0
Flint 15.5

Janice Lipuma
Lexington KY on wed 4 dec 96

Try these:

Lewing 5CL
Custer 26.1
Silica 25.2
EPK 14.0
Frit 3134 14.0
Whiting 10.2
Dolomite 5.6
Barium Carb. 4.6

Gronborg Clear
Custer 39
Gerst. Bor. 20
Zinc Ox. 3
Barium Carb. 6
Whiting 2
Silica 22

Parker Gloss
Custer 43
Gerstley 20
Whiting 2
Zinc Ox. 3
Barium Carb. 6
Silica 24

These last two are very similar. I include both because the coefficient of
expansion is just different enough for you to tell which way to go if they do
not fit your body. And, yes, I know they all have barium in them. Not much,
though, so you could probably substitute 3/4 as much strontium carb, and not
affect them much, or possibly just leave it out.
I hope this helps.
Paul Lewing