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want a jade glaze - also ^6

updated tue 30 sep 97


Unruly JuliE on sun 14 sep 97

I have a friend (not on the list) woh is looking for this same type of
glaze only ^6 ox. The one she had been using for years (commercial
glaze from Min. Midwest) has been discontinued. If anyone can help me
(her) out, it would be appreciated. She uses Min. Midwest Clay's #2
stoneware, I use A.R.T.'s #126 speckled brownstone.

Please excuse the typo's, had eye muscle surgery wed. and am trying to
do this without glasses! Makes me DIZZY!!

Irish Jim on tue 16 sep 97

Checkon the Carolina Clay web page, "". Several
potters glazes are listed. Tom Gray has a jade green cone 5/6 glaze listed
that might do the trick.