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updated wed 26 jan 00


Harvey Sadow on sat 13 sep 97

Hi Lyn,

Alumina and kaolin, fifty/fifty by volume makes great (upscale) wadding.
Unless you are firing a salt kiln or a wood kiln this is not necessary.
Kaolin and silica, mixed like clay instead of kiln wash will work fine.
You might add a bit of sand or grog to that mix, too. The alumina and
kaolin mixture sticks to NOTHING, and cleans up easily after the firing,
but the alumina is a bit expensive.

Harvey Sadow

----------------------------Original message----------------------------

Does anyone know what and how to make wads to
put under pots and kiln furniture to stedy them
when firing? I think you use alumnia and something
else--but I don't know what and I don't know whoskdf
how muxh much. I've seen them used in ^10 firings-
I fire to ^6. Anyone??? TIA


Earl Brunner on fri 21 jan 00

Thanks to all those who sent me techniques for attaching wad
to the bottom of pots.
Most methods ar very similar. Some make the wads out of a
stiff kiln wash type mixture instead of just clay. Most use
elmers type glue to attach.
>From what I've managed to glean and based on what I'm trying
to achieve, I think that I am going to try the following on
my next firing.
Make the wads out of kiln wash, I will put some alumina
hydrate in the glue and attach the wads with that.
Several people suggested treatments for the shelves. I'm
sure that the techniques would work, but I want that little
bit of vapor to reach the bottom of the pots, so I like the
idea of lifting them up off the shelves.

Earl Brunner

Dora M. Morales on tue 25 jan 00

At the Southwest School of Art and Craft, we use a dab of vaseline to
stick the wads on the bottom of the pots for salt firing. It works
great. Wads are kaolin and alumina paste. Cheers!