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vw "car" kiln construction

updated sat 30 nov 96


ret on mon 11 nov 96

Harvey, your idea to fix up a car as car kiln seems to have been carried
out quite successfully in France. I got this bit of news from a German www
This page is run by the Topferblatt Group of potters.

Back to the kiln: there is this French potter, Jean Fontaine, who drives
around the countryside in an old rebuilt 2cv (remember those things-about
the size of a VW beetle, but any Mistral wind can and does blow them over)
He calls it the International Kiln Car (l'auto international four). I
cannot quite figure out how it is built, but the kiln is fibre-lined, runs
on 4 bottles of propane (250liters), is automatic so he can drive whilst
he fires, and the technical plans are available from Pierre Duterte, Le
Printemps des Potiers, F-83190 Ollioules, Tel. 946 3464.
I'm not sure if he lined the trunk, or put a portable kiln on top of the

The German source of this vital information does not
think that he would be able to get away with it in Germany; the vehicles
inspection service and the very pollution-and health-hazard-conscious
potters would not let him. Especially because of the use of ceramic

For what it's worth.

From snowed-in Alberta. Ever thought of lining an igloo?

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