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video on traditional saltglaze pottery in germany

updated wed 30 apr 97


Guenter Haltmayer on fri 25 apr 97

Dear clayarters, our video "Salted 1300 degrees Celsius" is now available as
VHS-video in NTSC-format for North America. Marration is in German language, but
a booklet with the english translations is attached. The text and some
stillframes are included in our site
I am finishing now the new edition of the updated "Catalog on Films on
Ceramics". It lists more then 1000 films and videos on ceramics in every aspect
- with a huge section of videos from America. Everybody who has a ceramic video
available to the public and would like to have it included is invited to contact
The most recent update to the catalog (sorry, not the whole catalog - too much
work) will be included into our website within some weeks and ready to be
Yours Guenter, Kalkspatz, Germany