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viability of strange gas kiln

updated sat 30 nov 96


Duane Kimball on mon 4 nov 96

a cylindrical gas kiln is for sale for $300. the owner tells me it was made
in the early 80's by a virginian fellow who used to advertise in ceramics
monthly. it is 3' high, 2' in diameter, one layer of soft brick covered with
a ceramic fiber and then galvanized steel. there is one venturi burner with
thermocoupler. an additional ring comes with it, adding 9" (brick height).
the top is from a former electric kiln but with a 9" square cut from the
center to act as a flue. perhaps i could purchase shelves, and make kiln
furniture and peeps. (there are peep holes.) i would put it outside and
enclose three sides of the "kiln house" with unmortared cinder blocks, and
when necessary close the fourth side with corrugated steel.

i have never owned a kiln and never seen one like this before. i am
wondering about three things:
1. will this work well, as the seller claims, since it has no bag
wall? 2. will standard shelves work ok?
3. is $300. a good price?
thanks to all. kik in nh