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various requested cone 10 recipes

updated sun 30 jun 96


Richard Gralnik on wed 5 jun 96

Well, I finally dug out my glaze cookbook and found the El Camino
College versions of some recipes requested here recently. My
apologies for taking so long. These are right from the class
bucket batch book, hence the units. All recipes are C10R.


Oribe Green (gloss)
Potash Spar 5 lb 3 oz
Silica 4 lb 3 oz
Whiting 3 lb 11 oz
Talc 1 lb 4 oz
Kaolin 2 lb
Copper Carb 15 oz

(for June Perry)

Winokur Yellow (matt)
Potash Spar 9 lb 7 oz
Dolomite 3 lb 7 oz
EPK 4 lb 1 oz
Whiting 12.7 oz
Zircopax 3 lb
Tin Oxide 9.9 oz
Red Iron Oxide 3.7 oz

This one fires a toasty brown where thin and a fat yellow-white
where thicker. No spotting, but the tones are very similar to
the Ken Ferguson casserole in CM. A good 'un.

Here's an iron blue that I like. Gives a fine hare's fur glossy

Angel Eyes
EPK 3 lb
Whiting 6 lb
Silica 9 lb
Potash Spar 12 lb
Red Iron Ox 1 lb
Rutile 1 lb

The glaze has a tendency to settle a bit. We've also played
with extra rutile and more reduction to increase the depth
of the blue.