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using metal oxides and safety measures

updated wed 30 apr 97


Sylvia See on fri 4 apr 97

Hi Elke;
Thanks for the reminder about the safety issue using manganese. I didn't
remember to mention in my posting that I was wearing a mask, wearing rubber
gloves and will be firing the castles in an electric kiln, vented, to cone
10. I have my kiln in a separate section of the garage, divided from my
Studio with a wall. I found even though my kiln was vented, it was still
killing my canaries. No problems since I moved it out of my Studio.
I don't even stay near my kiln when it is firing bisgue as I have been
told that even raw clay gives off fumes that are toxic.
However, I have a passion for clay, and with care can still enjoy working
with it.
Sylvia See Claresholm, Alberta
I really like my bifocals
My dentures fit me fine
My hearing aid works perfect
But Lord I miss my mind!!!!