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using coefficient of expansion

updated fri 28 feb 97


Pat Chesney on tue 4 feb 97

Bob, and others, I am having a BLAST learning about glaze chemistry from
IMC's new edition of *The Magic of Fire* (I recommend this book highly)
(It is also available on disk in Adobe Acrobat format for both Macs and

AND going through calculations with Insight5 beta email: IMC
or the URL is

and HyperGlaze by Richard Burkett -The URL is

I am learning to calculate and understand what is going on inside my
glazes. I recommend getting these tools to anyone. These are all good folks
and very helpfull. There is a lot of info on Thermal expansion to chew on
to give you the understanding you need.

I am not connected to these companies in any way except as a very satisfied
customer. Check 'em out.

Pat Chesney
Waco, Texas

Jan Cannon on thu 6 feb 97

Anyone considering Windows glaze programs should not overlook Bob Wilt's
excellent "Glaze Chem" program. It is shareware so you can try it out
and then if you decide to keep it you pay only 25 dollars. His URL is: I really reccommend the
program. No business interest in it, just a satisfied user.
Jan Cannon Tel: 802-425-6320
19 Garen Road
Charlotte, VT 05445