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updated fri 28 feb 97


Marni Turkel on sun 16 feb 97

>From: Keith Chervenak
>Subject: UPS/Gallery Scam??

> A friend asked me to pose this question to the list. A gallery
>that she regularly deals with was returning some work to her. One of the
>packages arrived in shards. The gallery had only insured the package for
>the amount that would have been due her if they had sold them. She does
>not price her gallery consignments more than her own retail sales,
>therefore she basically makes 50% less on gallery sales but, continues them
>for the exposure. She sends her work to the gallery insured for full
>retail value. When she questioned the gallery on this she was told that it
>is a UPS policy and that they could not insure for more. Several calls to
>UPS have yielded only frustration and no clear answers. Have any of you
>ever had such an experience or a contradicting experience that may shed
>some light on this? Is this a gallery scam? A UPS scam? Or just the way
>of the world?

I have two responses to this situation.

First, this isn't a scam, it's business. I have been shipping both
wholesale and retail orders with UPS for about 17 years, and I always bill
them wholesale prices on any breakage. I don't have any retail marketing
expenses associated with a UPS claim, so wholesale seems appropriate to me.
I appreciate their service and think this is fair.

Second, perhaps your friend needs to rethink her pricing structure. It
sounds as if she feels she is selling wholesale to the public and 50% off
wholesale to the gallery. If she is willing to accept 50% from the gallery,
why should she expect to receive more from UPS?

Marni Turkel
Stony Point Ceramic Design
Santa Rosa, California