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ups and safe shipping

updated fri 28 feb 97


J./B. Moore on mon 24 feb 97

My favorite source for how to ship things is a publication called "Way to
Go!", produced by the Gallery Association of New York State and available
from them for $10. It is a handy book, spiral bound, wipe-off pages (for
those of us who tend to get messy when we build things), with plenty of
detailed drawings for building crates, wrapping, etc. as well as a good
discussion of general packing principles.

I also have another word of advice: sectioned crates. It's OK to wrap in
bubble and then float it twice in a box of peanuts, but if you section the
crate and put each object in its own area, the chance of shifting is
minimized. (I hate peanuts because they shift a lot)

Julia Moore
Director of Exhibitions and Artist Services
Indianapolis Art Center

(I pack a lot of art, and have seen really good and really bad packing jobs
over the years. And as far as the gallery scam, legally it IS the shipper
who makes the claim and receives the money but morally they owe it to you,
the artist)