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unt mfa's in ceramics

updated sat 31 may 97


james & becca sydnor on tue 6 may 97

Hi out there,
My name is Jim Sydnor, I am a present graduate student at the University
of North Texas. I am working on a possible article about the impact on
the ceramics world of the UNT clay department over the past 20 years. I
would love to include as many and as much as possible. So please e-mail
me or send me a resume and any information you feel is important. Also
spread the word to your none computer using fellow graduates.
Furthermore, you should be hearing from me by mail so if you have any
address of ex-students that you know, please forward them to me. Thanks
greatly and I may be contact you for slides

Thanks again
Jim Sydnor
Jim Sydnor
2520 Chaparral
Denton, TX 76201