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underglaze for lusters

updated mon 30 jun 97


Olivia T Cavy on wed 11 jun 97

Hello Luster Users-

I'm looking for clear and clear crackle glazes approx ^06 ox to use
under commercial lusters. Because I've seen it done this way and haven't
seen it done any other way, I plan to use my normal ^6 porcelain clay and
fire to ^06 or ^05 using a commercial, liquid clear crackle glaze on
greenware. Then apply the luster and fire to ^018. Then possibly pit
fire. I'd like to make my own clear and clear crackle ^06 or ^05 glaze
rather than buy the expensive stuff in a bottle, so I'd appreciate any
recipes for glazes which you've used under lusters. This may sound
redundant in view of the toxic ingredients in lusters, but I'd prefer
glazes made without lead in any form.

I'm also open to other ideas about using lusters.

And yes, my electric kiln is (now) well vented and I plan to apply the
luster outside because it is bad for all living things to breath those
nasty fumes.

Bonnie Hellman in Pittsburgh, PA.

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