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underglaze application

updated fri 31 jan 97


Eleanora Eden on fri 24 jan 97

So David Gamble called me on the phone to try to straighten out the mess
and though we didn't manage that he did let me use the opportunity to get a
brief tutorial on underglaze application.

He said that it is important to dry each coat thoroughly because the gums
can cause problems. This is the same news I got from my new Gare lady
when we were talking about sunstrokes. You may recall my kvetching about
that awhile back. So I started drying the sunstroke coats thoroughly and
presto no more problems.

Also, BTW, I added a small amount of glaze to my problem green and that
seems to be helping. One tsp. of glaze to a 2 oz jar and it still isn't as
vitrified at cone 04 as the Velvets.


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