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tried and true 04 glaze

updated fri 31 jan 97


Eleanora Eden on wed 8 jan 97

Hi Mark and all,

I had on glaze in my clayart file that seemed like it might make the grade
so I tried it and it looks like a very nice glaze.

Pete Pinnell's cone 04 clear

frit 3124 70
strontium carb 10
neph. sy. 10
ball clay 10
bentonite 2%
tad epsom salt

I threw alot of those Concepts and some ez strokes on top to see how it
handled the colorants and it maintained alot better than the commercial
clear but the colors were slightly muted.

For anybody who is looking for a general purpose cone 04 I think the
above glaze might be a good one to try.

I'm sure open to suggestions from any of you glaze gurus about how to
alter the above glaze to ma colors brighter. I'm gonna experiment with
various frits and see what I can see.


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