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travel to los angeles

updated fri 28 feb 97


Barbara Brown on wed 12 feb 97

I lost the address of the person wanting information on galleries in LA
and I have a gallery guide ready to mail to her, so please contact me.
To make this an interesting message for everyone, there is a gallery
guide that covers Calif and the Pacific NW. It is called Art Now
Gallery Guide and is free and given out at any gallery that is listed.
If you are traveling to Ca. and need more information, please contact
me. I've also put together a free "Potter's Guide to San Francisco".
Barbara Brown, 1225 Manzano Way, Sunnyvale, CA. 94089
408-736-3889 phone/fax

Barbara Brown 1225 Man

Susan Palmer on sun 16 feb 97

I did not send the original request, but would be interested in potters in
the San Diego area. If you have an address and phone, please send it to Thanks. Susan