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to repair or to replace

updated wed 30 apr 97


Don Jung on fri 11 apr 97

It's been interesting to read the NCECA posts. I've been to Vegas and
am not surprised at the reactions. To each an experience, that if
unpleasant, can make you appreciate what you have even more. I hope the
venue for next year (is it Dallas or Seattle?) will add more rather than
detract from the people and content.

I also have a decision to make on whether to repair or to replace an
aging, corroded electric kiln. The decision was going to smoothly to
replace as the costs were manageable...until I got the complete costs
(tax, install, controller, delivery, crating...) It's way over
budget...(from $2600 to $3700), so what are the's not
really broken (elements ok, bricks a bit worn, can replace a couple bad
ones), so why not shore it up I ask.

The steel frame is rusty but still holding. The sheet metal casing
however is disintegrating at the touch, no doubt to years of heated
steam corrosion and fume attacks. I've invested in a vent system to
prevent further corrosion, but what's been done is done.

Has anyone had any experience with having a kiln re-fitted with the
sheet metal case? I don't believe we can simply leave it (the hinged
lid will one day just fall off and the bits of debris often get into the

Thanks muchly for your time.
Don Jung
Vancouver B.C. Canada