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tips on using ups

updated fri 28 feb 97


Eleanora Eden on thu 20 feb 97

Hey Marshall and all,

Don't let this thread poison you to UPS.

1) Pack your stuff well

2) Have all pertinent info available

3) Keep a pile of forms so you can fill them out in advance and not wait
in line there...I type mine so they are very nice to me...

4) Try not to ship during Thanksgiving-Christmas rush when they are
swamped and have untrained help...if you have to ship then pack
especially well. I don't, as a rule, double box and my damage claims are
extremely rare...can't remember the last time a package from me was
damaged...but during that period I always double box.

5) Never mark your package with special warnings as they attract
mischief...or so I have been warned...

6) When there is a claim follow their procedure...they will help you
figure it out...and, as my previous message mentioned, keep a note to
yourself so you don't forget to follow up.

Hope this helps.


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