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those best sellers.....

updated thu 31 oct 96


Jonathan Kaplan on mon 7 oct 96

Just to add some additional thoughts here in the early morning..

If, as some have indicated, that those best sellers become annoying because
of what I call the "potter's conundrum" eg gotta make them to make some
cash to support myself and my business and it leaves very little time to
make my own work or otherwise. Herein is a basic non-sequitar..

What you are making is indeed your own work . If, as I surmise, that the
volume of making these best sellers is crimping your style of exploring
other work, why not explore other ways of making these best sellers. I
don't want to get into another lengthy discussion of the use of appropriate
technology, but this is exactly the case. Most of us could take these best
sellers and cast them. jigger them, press them, or hire a production
service to make the bisque, or any way else make them and use an employee
(such a thought!) There are many ways to make this struggle easier but
sometimes we, as potters, have such blinders on and have such a severe case
of tunnel vision that we become our own worse enemy.

We are so caught up in being potters, that we neglect other important areas
of our field...that we cannot be human machines, that we cannot do all and
be all and get any form of satisfaction if all we do is make the same damn
pieces over and over and over. So what! Thats only one way to define what
potters are. If we are also designers, ascribing form for human usage, what
if we were to have the novel thought of using some appropriate technology,
eg other ways of making these items that could not only grow our businesses
but enable us to learn other skills to get the job done?

Jonathan....getting ready to hear about this one for sure!!

Jonathan Kaplan

(aka "Scooter)
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"Arrive on time, tell the truth, be a good listener, and don't
be too attatched to the results. Above all, maintain a sense of
humor!" on tue 8 oct 96

Well said JK.

I was reading `"Niche" the other day and I came across an article that stated
that ceramic art in America was undervalued. If we are so damm busy meeting
our production requirements, Then increase the price. Imagine. If we
doubled our prices we would only have to work half the time to make the same
money. This would free up the other 50% of our life to make art.

I have seen potters busting their A*ses to meet the requirements of their
customers. They also don't understand why they have problems making ends
meet. What are we doing to ourselves. Lets get on with it. Charge more.