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the strainer, one last time

updated tue 30 sep 97


Liz Willoughby on thu 18 sep 97

So everyone has their own preference regarding their work, and what they
put out in the marketplace. And some tea drinkers are more sophisticated,
with their choice of tea; when, and how, they serve it, and how much
routine or ceremony is involved. Sometimes you just put a bag in a mug, and
sometimes you want something more.

But about those little holes in the teapot. I've made a lot of tea over
the years and have found that if you make it "properly", i.e., after
warming up the pot, adding tea, boiling water, let steep 2 or 3 minutes,
then STIR it, your tea leaves will sink to the bottom of the pot, and no
tea leaves gravitate to your cup. The tea leaves always seem bigger than
the holes too, after they steep. Maybe the holes that I make are smaller
than others, but I don't think so. "I'm stickin' with putting stainer
holes in my teapots"! Liz

You made my day Bill Aycock.

Liz Willoughby
R.R. 1
Grafton, Ontario
K0K 2G0