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the strainer

updated tue 30 sep 97


Mel Jacobson on tue 16 sep 97

as a matter of practical solution i have stopped making little holes and
strainers in tea pots.
1. the holes are easily plugged with old tea.
2. most of my customers do not give a rip either way.
3. one large hole always pours well.
4. i use a cup strainer because as liz has said, the little holes only
get about half of the tea.
5. i make a small cover because i do not want people using
a brillo pad inside.
6. always use the 1/4" hole in the cover.
7. and make a nice clean funnel shape with a sharp cut at the spout.
8. if it does not pour well.....redesign.
9. and what was that thing said, "form and function" (some house in
germany.)? i still like that place.