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the blender method of terra sig

updated tue 31 dec 96


Marcia Selsor & Matt Benacquista on fri 27 dec 96

To: Clayarters
I think the blender method was on clayart before.
I read somewhere of using a food blender for making terra sig.
It follows the same type of preparation as ball milling except it is
much faster and seems to have the same effect. Just follow a simple TS
recipe and blend it on high speed for 10 min. or however long your
blender can go, then put it into the "settling container" .
For a small batch you'd probably need only a few grains of lye or Red
Devil,stir it into your mix and wait 24 hours.
I think there is a lot of leeway when it comes to TS. Look up Kenny's
mix in the Complete Book of Pottery Making and go from there. Also in
the archives, Vince had his recipe and procedures.
I usually have the best success with Ball clay or Redart. Recently tried
it with Grolleg Kaolin and had success but it had a little peeling on my
students' terra cotta piece. Try to use something that will fit your
clay body.
Good luck,
Marcia in Montana where it is suppose to get above zero sometime today
Marci Selsor
Matt Benacquista

Marci Selsor
Matt Benacquista