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the beauty of being tiny-how small is small "toni"

updated mon 30 jun 97


Sherry mcDonald Stewart on wed 4 jun 97

Toni, hi! This is Sherry, how are things in your part of the world? They
sound small, but working! Have you considered giving workshops on
working with the space you have? Sounds inspirational to me. I use far
too many excuses, I can see! I do remember the days when i lived in an
apartment, and removed the overhead light covers from the kitchen to use
to dry handmade paper on, and my wheel was right there in the kitchen
where a washer and dryer was supposed to go. Instead of designing my
space to fit my work, however, I have designed my work to fit," my very
very unspace!" My tile press is hung up at the highschool, but the
portability of it allows me , (in theory at least ) to move my
production wherever. So really, I have no studio space, I live in a home
share, on a farm. If it were my place I would do tiles on the kitchen
cabinet, but I have to consider others. I have an idea I will use the
picnic table on the porch weather permitting. I have a basement, but it
has too much mold to consider working there. The northwest is damp!
Anyway, I think you won the small studio contest! Sherry