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that pricing thing

updated thu 31 oct 96


Eleanora Eden on sun 27 oct 96

Hi All,

I want to respond to the comment that making that cheese slicer could be
worthwhile. For me this whole discussion is based on the growing
conviction that what is worthwhile in a fulfillment sense may be economic
suicide. I have decided that I have no choice at this point but to start
making a serious effort to discriminate. For us clayheads the big wide
world of ceramics is so fascinating and for myself I can see many
directions that would hold my attention for a long time. But to earn a
living it is necessary to focus down and it is this I am talking about.

Eleanora.....there were 13,044 pumpkins last night in downtown Keene, NH
it was a wonder to behold (and a new world record, I was mistaken about
the 20,000)


Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Sue Davis on mon 28 oct 96

Eleanora, Having lived near Keene, NH a time ago, I can recall all the fuss
that was made about Halloween! Loved that place. Have so many pictures of my
kids during that time period in parades, etc. Miss the area.

The pottery thing is something else. I've been a producing potter for 20
years. Have made money and worked my butt off. I've been happy doing it. Am
now ready for a creative job outside the studio to get in touch with the real
world and let someelse handle all the taxes, paper work, etc. Not that I'm
giving up, I just need a break. Am now concentrating on pottery for my own
pleasure at this time of my life. An outside job working in display is going
to help me maintain my sense of self worth.

Hang in there. Sue