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that pesky ups

updated mon 27 oct 97


Eleanora Eden on sun 26 oct 97

Well so why was I surprised when I opened the insurance check from UPS for
a 150.00 item and it was 100.00 plus postage? After all, Eleanora's First
Law of Capitalist Dynamics is IF IT CAN HAPPEN IT WILL it was
patiently explained to me by a very polite and helpful ups receptionist
that even though I valued the package correctly the UPS didn't correctly
charge me and so since the package wasn't charged the extra fee the
valuation is only the maximum $100....well I'm pretty sure I can make them
cough up the dough but......

BE FOREWARNED: the extra valuation is charged separately and so if the
package has been declared at more than $100 there should be two charges

Now I feel better. Even if I get jerked around a bit extra by the old
system maybe I've saved somebody else this particular twist......

Cheers, E.
Eleanora Eden 802 869-2003
Paradise Hill
Bellows Falls, VT 05101