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texas potters survey

updated wed 31 jul 96


Pat Chesney on wed 17 jul 96

Hello Texas potters,

A post I got from a Texas potter made me want to get the email address for
all the Texas potters on the list. I would like for all of you to send me
your email address and then I will compile it for the rest and send it back
to everyone. I will also compile the results of the following questions and
send them out to all who respond.

If you don't want to be included, just sit quiet. I am not interested in
this for commercial reasons but cultural ones. I am very interested in
Texas pottery and potters. If you want to answer questions but not be on a
email list, just say so and you will be kept in secret.

Some questions I would like to know. Just type the number and your answer,
don't copy the questions:

1. Do you lean toward functional or "art" type pottery? (please, no flames
:) I know that functional can be "art" I am interested in the use for the
pot in this question.)
2. Do you use electric or fuel fire? If fuel, what type?
3. Do you live or sell in a big metropolitan area?
4. Were you trained in art school? Apprenticed? Some other way?
5. Do you own your own studio or desire to do so?
6. Are you native Texan or transplant?
7. Do you feel that Texas is receptive to pottery in your experience?
8. Do you know other Texas potters? Do you want to get to know them?
9. Are you happy with Texas suppliers?
10. Do you want to stay in Texas or do you dream of going somewhere else
11. Would you encourage someone else to get into pottery?
12. Do you teach students? For fun? For profit?
13. Where do you sell the most? Fairs, shows, galleries, studio or other?
14. Would you attend a get together for Texas potters? To sell ware? To
share ideas and experiences? Just for fun? Other reasons?
15. Are you the member of an existing guild or group for potters?

Thanks for the time. I hope you all are as courious as I am about our
fellows. Send replies with a subject containing Texas survey and my filter
will place it in the proper place. :) I am very excited with the level of
participation and sharing of all the potters I meet. Yall (Texas lingo
there :) ) are a great bunch.

Pat Chesney
Waco, Texas