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updated fri 29 jan 99


Lori Wilkinson on sat 3 aug 96

A big thank you to all who responded to my calgon-sig posts. Will mix a few
this evening. That's the pits to have something that works so well for so
long and then they go and change it. What ever would I do with out Clayart? :-)

Lori Wilkinson in Roswell NM, where it is cloudy and we might get more rain
tonight. It could happen. After all it is still monsoon season.

Douglas Adams on thu 28 jan 99

>Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 21:36:36 -0500
>To: clayart@lsv.uky.ed
>From: Douglas Adams
>Subject: terra-sig
>Not to be confused with Tabasco jucie?!? What do you mean by "IF POISONOUS"
I belive it should read ,is poisonous. However tobacco jucie will boil off
at around 800 degrees. Will it be fired at least that high? Tabasco sauce is
a pretty red. Your Humorous buddy, Douglas Adams.
Douglas Adams