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terra sigs..john?

updated mon 31 mar 97


Jerry Bennett on sun 16 mar 97

John Jensen wrote:
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> If Peggy Heer is still out there, I'd like to discuss some of her experiece w
Any advice is welcome from any quarter.
> John Jensen

Hi John: I would recommend that you burnish the pot before it dries. I
do this without the Terra Sig, then at late leather hard I apply the Sig,
spray the surface with a small amount of water from a plastic bottle. I
wait till the water is off the surface, you can tell it will get dull
looking, and then burnish. I use a soft cloth. Here is a trick. I put
several different Sigs on a single pot. You can't burnish and then put
an additional coating of a Sig. As you burnish it will come off on the
cloth. I put Terra Sigs on clay and bisque, not a problem. Fire to 06.
You may also be having a problem with the quality of the Redart Sig you
are using. Are you using a Calgon based Sig? If so the formula used in
Calgon has now been changed and you will get muck out of it. Try this
one: in 800grams of HOT water put 3 grams soda ash, 2 drops soda
silicate (also known as water glass)(let it set a moment and stir) and
then add 200 grams of Redart. Stir well, the mixture will be very thin.
Let it set for a day and then take the water off the top, keep the middle
section, and discard the thick stuff at the bottom of the container. I
think a tall plastic container is best.
Hope this helps, let me know how it turns out.

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