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temple glaze c10

updated mon 31 mar 97


Tom Buck on wed 26 mar 97

A Clayartist gave this recipe for a glaze named Temple Clear (?) and said
it was fired to C10:
35 Custer f.s.
19.7 Dolomite
2.6 Whiting
22.7 Kaolin
20.0 Flint PLUS 2% Tin Oxide COE= 6.6x10E-6

It was stated this this recipe crazed somewhat on the whitebody in use.
Assuming the whitebody was a porcelain type (ie, low expansion),
then there would need to be a lowering in the glaze expansion. Here are
two versions that lower the expansion coefficient, the first by %5, the
second by 8%.

Temple glaze Revised No. 1 C10 Ox or R
32.0 Custer f.s.
18.0 Dolomite
2.5 Whiting
21.0 EPK
26.5 Flint Plus 2% Tin Oxide COE= 6.3x10E-6

Temple glaze Revised No. 2 C10 Ox or R
31.0 Custerf.s.
15.0 Wollastonite
9.0 Talc
16.0 EPK
29.0 Flint Plus 2% Tin Oxide COE= 6.1x10E-6

The Seger Formulas work out to be quite similar excepting for a slight
shift in silica (up) and magnesia (down).
Good tests.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada